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Vertical Illusions Guided Adventures

Experience the Wisconsin Dells on “World Class” guided tours.

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Guided Tours


Zip Line

Zip Line through Chimney Rock Park and down the highest castellated mound in the world on 18 consecutive tree to tree zip lines.  Take in views of up to 100 miles while zipping off cliffs, over canyons, and through the canopy of one of the most beautiful private parks in Wisconsin.


Rock Climb

Experience the thrill of climbing Wisconsin’s iconic rock formations. With hundreds of possible routes, both first time climbers and experts alike will enjoy conquering the rugged beauty of Chimney Rock  and Devils Lake Park’s natural crags.


Enjoy some of the best paddling in the world and discover the beauty of the Wisconsin River.  Play on miles of sand beaches in the Perupper Dells, explore rare wildlife habitats in the surrounding tributaries, or immerse yourself in the classic rock formations of the Upper Dells.



Rappel from 20-100 feet off the natural cliffs of Chimney Rock Park, the highest castellated mound in the world. Enjoy some of the best scenic views Wisconsin has to offer, alongside the thrill of suspending yourself over the cliff edge.


Winter Activities

Beat cabin fever with our Zip Line tours, Ice Climb tours, and Snowshoe, Snowboard, and Ski rentals!


Paddle Board

Enjoy the pristine, spring fed waters of Friendship Lake while taking in the views of Chimney Rock Park.

About Vertical illusions

Simple Definition of Vertical Illusions:

The Big things (Vertical Illusions) in life do not create happiness; but taking adventures with your family and friends are memories that will last a lifetime and that money can not buy.  

True happiness is shared with the ones you love.

Its an Illusion that most of us believe and its usually to late when we realize that our big house, fancy car and corporate desk job will not create happiness” 

So Get Out and “Live Your World”   Vertical Illusions

We offer exciting family adventures for all ages and experience levels!

Vertical Illusions offers one of a kind Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Zip Line Canopy Tours that are sure to be the highlight of your family’s summer vacation! While exploring and playing in the Wisconsin River and among the rocky crags you will be viewing endangered plants, rare habitats and wildlife!

Whether you’re looking for a crazy adventure or a nice relaxing float down the river, our professional Guides will customize a perfect worry-free trip for any group!

Just Some Reviews

  • Let me start off with what Vertical Illusions isn't. It isn't an illusion. It isn't some hyped up flash in the pan fast food tour-trap theme park ride. It's substantiative. The Wisconsin Dells itself is a kitschy touristy place that's more suited to the "Illusions" part of the company moniker. Every single one of the folks I met within Vertical Illusions were devoted to your experience: your experience as their customer, your experience as a tourie, and your experience as future ambassador for the Dells and for Vertical Illusions itself. In a phrase, these people care. How often do you see that in your life anymore? My tour guides to zip line, the rappel, and the kayak tour, Justin and Silas, would have if they could have, literally willed me to see the Chimney Rock park and the Wisconsin River through their own eyes. For a tour they have done scores of times, they simply brought the tour to life; it's as if it was their first time down the trail. More than just some catchy or pithy or punny rote lines about what the State bird was or what tree is useful to the Wisconsin logging community or some other disposable factoid, those two guides of mine brought an infusion of wonder, reverence, and Broadway showmanship. Did I mention that they were channeling Abbott and Costello or Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters? Yah Yah I should have. Having one lined back and forth the Lion King scenes from Simba lost in the jungle, they broke into song: Acuna Mattata. Somewhere in there, between recitations of Disney movie lines (in character mind you), the natural beauty of the Dells region broke in and forced all of us to stare slack-jawed. If I could clear away all of the human made fluff that has been built up upon the area, I would. Still, surrounded as they are with all this second rate amusement park type barking signage, these guys find a way to remind you of what originally made the Dells a natural spot to plunk yourself down, immerse yourself in, and absorb what makes so much of this country still so worth jumping on the road and going out to see for your own self. My advice: if you are going anywhere near the Dells, sign up for a Vertical Illusions zip line tour and then sign up for all the rest.   Toby P Omaha, Nebraska
  • Our family had the most amazing Fall experience in Wisconsin Dells with Easton and his team at Vertical Illusions. The experience was beyond our expectations!
    Armstrong1Chicago Ill, Trip Advisor
  • There isn't much that the guys at Vertical illusions do not do!! They give an adventure that will be remembered by all. When I was looking for things to do on our honeymoon, zip lining came to mind....
    hamtocTrip Advisor Review
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