Cambrian Park Kayak Adventure

“The Cave, Cove and Canyon Tour”

The Upper Dells Cambrian Park Kayak Adventure

“The Cave, Cove, and Canyon Tour”

You start with an adventurous portage down and into the “Heart of the Dells.”  Then jump into your kayak and explore Sunset Cliff, Rhoodes Glen, Coldwater Canyon, and Black Hawks Island and Cave as you paddle with the current through the Upper Dells.  The tour finishes up in Crandall Bay after passing between Romance Cliff and High Rock “The Gateway to the Dells.”

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.  Perfect for those who have some kayaking experience and don’t mind the deeper waters, towering cliff walls and tour boat traffic.  Did you know that there are three river caves in the Upper Dells?

Duration:  3 Hours with around 2 hours of paddling.

What’s Included

Know Before You Go

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