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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


Do I need a Reservation?  Yes.  Reservations are required and you do need one to go on an adventure with us.

I have a large group,  how do I reserve it?  Please call us with your date in mind and we can hopefully help you get it reserved with 20% down.

Can I cancel my reservation?  Customers will receive a full refund or credit within 72 hours of cancellation.  Due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  

What happens if I don’t cancel my reservation within 72 hours?  Vertical Illusions cannot make any refunds within 72 hours notice.  We keep the 20% down payment.

How do I cancel my trip?  Contact us by your reservation or email to cancel your reservation.

Do I have to sign a release waiver form?  Yes, Everyone has to sign one at Vertical Illusions and if under 18 a parent or guardian has to sign it for you.


What ages are the tours good for?  Vertical Illusions Zip Line, Kayak and Rock Climbing Tours are good for all ages and skill levels.  We do recommend you be at least 8 years old to rock climb and 4 to zipline.  However on the zipline if a child gets scared or can not comprehend it they can go tandem with a guide, as long as they are under the 240lb combined weight limit.

What is supplied?  We do supply all the gear, guides and shuttle to make your trip enjoyable.  All you need to bring is your adventurous spirit, snacks and your favorite non alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

How long do tours take?  They typically take 2-3 hours.  We offer a 9am morning tour and a 1pm afternoon tour.  The morning tours get done around noon and the afternoon tours finish up around 4:30.

Can I bring a camera?  You can not bring a camera on our zipline tours.  You can bring it on our rock climbing and kayak tours but we don’t recommend it.  Please allow your guides to take all the pictures and send them complimentary to you after the tour.  This allows you to fully enjoy the tour and have your guides do all the work for you.

What is your weight limit? We do not have a minimum weight limit.  However we have a strict 240lb weight limit for ziplining and Rock Climbing:  our kayak trips have a 300lb weight limit.

Do I need to tip my guide?  The guiding industry is a service industry just like serving tables at a restaurant.  We do recommend tipping your guide 10-20% for their time if you have a great time.  Gratuities are appreciated and they let your guide know that you had an excellent time and fun with them.


Which kayak trip should I pick?  The Perupper Dells is our most popular trip and great for all skill levels and ages of paddlers.  It is known for its shallow waters, wildlife and has beaches to stop at.  It is the most secluded place in all of the Dells.  The Upper Dells Cambrian Trip is recommended for adults and there is limited places to stop along the way.  The waters are deeper and there can be boat traffic from the tour boats.  If you have seen both the Perupper and the Upper then we recommend paddling the Lower Dells.  Its the shortest trip and fastest moving water.  So we recommend seeing the Per-Upper Dells first, Upper Dells second and the Lower Dells third as in the order if possible.

How long is the kayak trip?  We can customize the trip time from 1 hour to 3 hours on the water.  Please let your guide know how long you would like to be on the water.  The shuttle to and from and gear up time takes about 1 hour as well.


How old do I need to be to ride Peak 2 or the Full Course?  You must be 12 years old to ride the Peak 2 course.

Is there any climbing up or steps to get to the top where the zipline starts?  To get to the top of the mound there is about a 1 mile hike.  It is a single track hiking trail and has some steps to hike up.  There is no climbing to the top, unless you add that as a option to your tour.

What age is the zipline good for?  The zipline is good for all ages.  We have had children as young as 4 and as healthy at 89 years old.  We do recommend children be old enough to enjoy the tour and be respectful.

Rock Climbing

Is the rock real?  Yes.  We climb outdoors at Chimney Rock Park.  It is Vertical Illusions private park with world class climbing.  There are over 1000 routes to enjoy for all experience levels.  

How tall are the climbs?  The climbs range from 20 feet to 100 feet at all grades of climbing.

Can anyone climb at Chimney Rock Park?  No.  You must have a Vertical Illusions PCGI trained or certified guide to climb in the park.

Do you have climbing shoes to rent?  Yes.  We do.  We have all sizes.  However if its your first time climbing we do not recommend it.  The stone and chimney works great for running shoes and can be more fun your first time.

Are your guides professionally trained or certified?  Yes.  All of our guides are trained and certified through the PCGI (Professional Climbing Guides Institute.)  We have TRG, SPG and PCGI Mentors as guides.

More Answers to Questions to come…..


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