Spring Time Zipline Tours

Zip Off Cliffs, Over Canyons and Thru the Canopy of the worlds largest Castellated Mound 

Wisconsin Dells Zipline

A True Tree to Tree Zipline Canopy Tour

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Chimney Rock Park as you zipline off cliffs, over canyons and through the canopy on 14 treetop to treetop ziplines. This eco-canopy tour utilizes the trees and natural elevation of the worlds highest and largest castellated mound as you descend down through the park.
This incredible zipline experience will forever change your idea of what zip lining should be!

Begin the Wisconsin Dells zipline tour with a beautiful nature hike up to the summit of Chimney Rock Park. Along the way, your guide will present the interesting and unique aspects of Chimney Rock Park, such as its wildlife, history and endangered species of plants and animals. Upon reaching the Peak 1 castle, learn the basics of ziplining on three introductory lines before moving into six intermediate lines as you fly through the Aspen Grove and over Friendship Lake Canyon. Then take in the hundred mile view off Sunset Cliff before entering down five advanced lines to Mid-Day Cliff area and lastly into pine forest; emerging out of the forest only once you’ve completed the course.

Peak 2 “The Ultimate Zipline Experience”

If you are looking for the ultimate Wisconsin Dells zip lining experience, then Peak 2 is calling your name. Peak 1 is a prerequisite before riding Peak 2. Once you have done Peak 1 you can come back anytime to ride Peak 2 if you feel comfortable or ride them both at the same time and that is the full course. Peak 2 has the longest lines we have to offer with some of the most beautiful views from the Peak 2 Castle, Skybridge, and the cliff top view over the Friendship Lake Canyon. Peak 1 and Peak 2 share the last six advanced ziplines and it’s guaranteed to cause sensory overload for those that love exploring their freedom.

We strongly recommend that groups with children under age 10 select the morning tour slot. It’s our experience that children – even those with tons of energy – get the most out of the morning adventure!

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