Wisconsin Dells Zipline

Zipline Off Cliffs, Over Canyons and Thru the Canopy 

of Chimney Rock Park on 15 Ziplines

Zip Line All Year!

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Chimney Rock Park as you zipline from tree top to tree top. This eco-canopy tour utilizes the natural elevation of the worlds highest and largest castellated mound.  The Result?  A world class tour with 15 ziplines, views of over 100 miles, rugged cliffs to hike through and zipline over, and a vibrant ecosystem teeming with rare creatures to discover.

This incredible zipline experience will forever change your idea of what zip lining should be!

We offer spring time ziplines where nature begins to wake up, trees begin to bud, new life is out and running, and the energy in the forest is exploding.  Its a personal favorite to many of our guides.  Then there is summer ziplining when the forest is lush and some of the best days are the rainy days that feel like your in the clouds 1200 feet up in a jungle and you cant see past the next zipline because of the haze and fog.  Next is the fall color zipline and its like ziplining through a fourth of July firework show.  The array of colors are always impressive and your mind will never forget it.  Winter is next when views are long and clear and the snow makes for a magical winter wonderland experience.  No matter what season you are guaranteed to have your mind blown and your senses over stimulated

Peak 2 “The Ultimate Zipline Experience”

If you are looking for the ultimate Wisconsin Dells zip lining experience, then Peak 2 is calling your name and reserve the full course. There are three prerequisites needed to ride Peak 2.  The first is you must have done Peak 1.  The second is a BMI of 32 or less (Body Mass Index Score) and the third is you must be 12 years old.

The Three 100’s

Peak 2 has some of the longest, steepest and fastest lines in the country on 3/8 cable.  The Peak 2 Castle (A Midwest Wonder) and Sky Bridge are some of the favorite elements.  Enjoy ziplining over 100 feet off the ground, with over 100 miles views and with 100 foot of shear rock and cliff faces. 

Peak 1 and Peak 2 share the last six advanced ziplines and the experience will cause sensory overload for those that love exploring the natural beauty.

We strongly recommend that groups with children under age 10 select the morning tour slot. It’s our experience that children – even those with tons of energy – get the most out of the morning adventure!

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Know Before You Go

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