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The Ultimate Experience!

Zip off Cliffs, over Canyons and through the Canopy of Chimney Rock Park!

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Chimney Rock Park as you zipline from treetop to treetop! This eco-canopy tour utilizes the natural elevation of Wisconsin’s highest castellated mound.  The Result? A world class zipline with 18 lines, views of over 100 miles, rugged cliffs to hike through and zip over, and a vibrant ecosystem teeming with rare creatures to discover (like the 5 lined skink).

This incredible zipline experience will forever change your idea of what ziplining should be! Plus, its all inclusive: Gear, personal guides, 20 minute shuttle two and from the park, and a complimentary set of pictures! However, please keep our strict 250lb weight limit in mind, and be adequately prepared for a 25 minute scenic hike to the summit.  Please call 608-253-2500  Between 9am and 9pm to reserve your Adventure. Tour times are at 9am and 1pm Daily.

Watch on Youtube:  How to ZipLine Wisconsin Dells!

Peak 1
14 Zip Line Eco-Tour
  • $120 a person for 2 people
  • $99 a person for three or four
  • $89 a person for five or more
  • Add Peak 2 on for $65 extra per person
Begin the zipline tour with a beautiful nature hike up to the summit of Chimney Rock Park. Along the way, your professional guide will present the interesting and unique aspects of Chimney Rock Park, such as its wildlife and history.  Upon reaching the Castle, learn the basics of ziplining on introductory lines before testing your skills as you fly through the Aspen Grove and over Fridnship lake Canyon.  Take in the hundred mile view of Sunset Cliff before submersing yourself into the oak and pine canopied line, emerging only once you’ve completed the course…right next to the parking lot.

Peak 2
Peak 1 pre-requisite
  • $120 a person for 2 people
  • $99 a person for three or four
  • $89 a person for five or more
  • 13 Zip Lines Tour
  • Peak One is a Prerequisite
For all those who finished Peak 1 and said, “Give me more!” Peak 2 replaces all those practice lines with the longest, fasted lines in the park.  Scream (in both senses of the word) down the Boomerang line, over the saddle, and right to the top of Mid-Day Cliffs. Walk across a 100 foot sky bridge (feels like a mile high) up to the Grand Canyon Zip, then feel the rush as you soar right over  the top of Ciesta Cliffs and the world below! Take in the hundred mile view of Sunset Cliff before continuing down through the oak and Pine forest, wrapping around the bottom of cliff faces before finishing out the course with your option of canopy bridge or static rappel.

Peak 1 and 2
Full Package!  18 Lines
  • Add $65 a person onto your group price
  • 18 Lines and Three Tree Top Bridges
Think you got what it takes to do the whole shebang? Test your stamina for fun and adventure with the ultra-ultimate 21 element experience, complete with 18 ziplines and three treetop canopy bridges! To sum it up in a word? unforgettable.

The entire tour from gear up to getting your free picture CD from your guides will take approximately 3 hours.
Restrictions: 250lb weight limit/ No Cameras, Cell Phones or Go-Pros allowed.

Free Complimentary photos from your guides or you can ask your guide to use your camera.
If a child can comprehend the zip line they can ride it. If they can’t they can go tandem with a guide.

Now that you have booked your tour you will want to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather and hiking shoes. Please leave your camera behind. Our professional guides will take pictures and give you a complimentary CD of them.  We do not allow any video of the course.

Free Cancellation Up To 48 Hours!

When you book your tour we do require a 20% deposit and offer a free cancellation up to 48 hours of your reservation.  The full payment is due at the beginning of your adventure. If your trip is cancelled due to weather (on our part) we can reschedule or give you a refund for your deposit.  If you do not show or after 25 minutes of your tour time the 20% deposit will be kept. Reservation down payments will be kept with a “no show” or 30 minutes late.

As Vertical Illusions Guides we make it our personal responsibility to offer a world class experience for you and your group. If you are 100% satisfied and love your adventure we appreciate gratuities of 10 to 20% if we have earned it. We look forward to taking an adventure with you!